Juboraj Rhiwbina

The Juboraj opened it's doors thirty years ago in Rhiwbina. To celebrate we want to help our customers make every weekend a party! We're giving every group of four customers a free bottle of Prosecco. See details below.

Juboraj Rhiwbina

With a warm welcome and friendly attentive staff you can be sure that time spent at a Juboraj, whether it be a light lunch or a candlelit evening meal, will be time well spent.

Juboraj Rhiwbina

The Juboraj pride themselves on combining traditional authentic dishes with a fresh new contemporary approach bringing you the best flavours the Indian sub-continent has to offer.

The Juboraj Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our food. We use only the highest quality New Zealand Lamb and Welsh Beef, Finest 100% fresh chicken breast and the freshest seafood available, in our dishes.

Vegetarian Specialities

All traditional dishes are available as a vegetarian option

£8.75 Katchuri Dhansak (v) Vegetable globes gently suffused with aromatic spices served with lentils and fenugreek to create a hot yet sweet and sour finish £8.75 Paneer Chilli Massala (v) This spicy dish is created using cottage cheese prepared with fresh green chillies and herbs for a sensational vegetarian option £8.75 Shabzee Balti (v) Traditional mixture of vegetables cooked in balti pan with a rich sauce £9.95 Vegetable Biryani (v) (n) Mixture of tasty vegetables pan fried with basmati rice and subtle spices, served with a mild-medium rich curry sauce £8.75 Vegetable Makhani (v) A rich and mild dish prepared with butter, cream and yoghurt £8.75 Paneer Jalfrezi (v) Spicy hot cottage cheese dish

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