Juboraj Lakeside

For well over twenty years there has been a Juboraj in Cardiff. The Juboraj Restaurant in Lakeside has been at the heart of Roath Park for over fifteen years.

Juboraj Lakeside

With a warm welcome and friendly attentive staff you can be sure that time spent at a Juboraj, whether it be a light lunch or a candlelit evening meal, will be time well spent.

Juboraj Lakeside

The Juboraj pride themselves on combining traditional authentic dishes with a fresh new contemporary approach bringing you the best flavours the Indian sub-continent has to offer.

The Juboraj Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our food. We use only the highest quality New Zealand Lamb and Welsh Beef, Finest 100% fresh chicken breast and the freshest seafood available, in our dishes.

Baburchi Khaas

Chef’s Special Menu – Limited Time Only
A selection of new dishes carefully developed and crafted by our expert chefs mixing traditional techniques with contemporary flavours for a whole new Juboraj experience.


£5.75 Machli Bora Medium spiced deep fried tuna balls £6.00 Masala Chicken Wings Fried spicy marinated chicken wings £4.75 Tikka Samosas Shredded chicken tikka pastry parcels £6.50 Haash Kebab Marinated strips of succulent tikka duck £4.50 Juboraj Special Soup Our own recipe recipe lentil soup served with a small nan bread


£9.00 Chilli Baingan (v) Aubergine and potatoes cooked with a little masala sauce and fresh chilli's £9.00 Masala Panir Dall (v) Spicy cheese cubes cooked in spicy lentil gravy


£12.40 Murgh Malai Curry Tender chicken cooked with traditional spices, mustard, ghee, coconut milk and lemon juice to a medium taste £13.40 Salan-E-Gosht Chunks of pre-marinated spicy beef cooked to our chefs own special recipe £11.40 Fresh Mango Chicken Chicken cooked with mild spices, ground almonds, cream and mango for a sweet creamy taste £16.40 Nawabi Biryani Original Biryani recipe with chunks of beef, pineapple, potatoes and ghee served with plain passanda sauce £12.40 Naryali Aloo Murgh Mild chicken dish cooked with potatoes, peas, desiccated coconut and cream £15.40 Murghi Zalzala (Hot) On the bone marinated deep fried chicken cooked with crushed chilli's for a hot fiery taste with a touch of Bengali Naga chilli pickle £11.95 Anaras Methi Gosht Choice of Chicken or Lamb cooked bhoona style to a medium strength with pineapple and fenugreek

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