Juboraj Express

A carefully crafted interior, through the use of original art blended with traditional colour scheme and authentic fittings, has an urban ‘Indian’ street café atmosphere.

Juboraj Express

With a warm welcome and friendly attentive staff you can be sure that time spent at a Juboraj, whether it be a light street food style snack or a full evening meal, will be time well spent.

Juboraj Express

The Juboraj pride themselves on combining traditional authentic dishes with a fresh new contemporary approach bringing you the best flavours the Indian sub-continent has to offer.

The Juboraj Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our food. We use only the highest quality New Zealand Lamb and Welsh Beef, Finest 100% fresh chicken breast and the freshest seafood available, in our dishes.

Fragrant Rices

£2.75 Boiled Rice Plain boiled rice £3.85 Keema Rice Fried rice with minced lamb £3.85 Mushroom Fried Rice Fried rice with seasoned mushrooms £2.95 Pilau Rice Fragrantly spiced rice made with basmati, the 'king of rice', grown on the foothills of the Himalaya £3.85 Special Fried Rice Eggs, peas, onions, almond and spices

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