Juboraj Big Windsor, Cardiff Bay

For well over twenty years there has been a Juboraj in Cardiff. Now the Juboraj returns home to where it all began in Cardiff Bay!

Juboraj Big Windsor, Cardiff Bay

The Big Windsor is one of the finest buildings in Cardiff Bay with a Grade II listing and a history of serving the best food in Cardiff that goes back well over 100 years.

Juboraj Big Windsor, Cardiff Bay

Dinner at Juboraj Big Windsor is a wonderful experience. So head straight to Juboraj for a truly Indian experience at a truly Indian restaurant in Cardiff Bay.

The Juboraj Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our food. We use only the highest quality New Zealand Lamb and Welsh Beef, Finest 100% fresh chicken breast and the freshest seafood available, in our dishes.

Speciality Breads

Our Indian breads provide the perfect accompaniment to your main course.

£1.50 Chapatti Flat unleavened bread cooked in a griddle £2.95 Garlic Nan Stuffed with fresh garlic £3.50 Keema Nan Stuffed with spiced minced meat £2.50 Paratha Soft and flaky griddle-fried bread £2.95 Peshwari Nan Stuffed with coconut and almonds £2.50 Plain Nan Flat bread cooked in a tandoor £2.95 Stuffed Kulcha Nan Stuffed with mixed vegetables £2.95 Stuffed Paratha Stuffed with mixed vegetables or potatoes £2.50 Tandoori Roti Similar to chapatti but cooked in a clay oven

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